Sunnybank Hills' Leading Physiotherapy Clinic

At Sunnybank Physiotherapy, we offer a wide range of physiotherapy services for clients throughout Sunnybank Hills and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re referred to a physiotherapist by your doctor, or seek our treatment individually, there are many reasons you may need our help.

If you’ve suffered a stroke and have lost certain motor skills, a physiotherapist can devise various exercises to rebuild your strength and range of movement. Alternatively, you may have suffered a sports injury, been in a road traffic accident, or have a long-term medical condition. If you have any problems with movement then our physiotherapists can help.

State of the Art Equipment

At Sunnybank Physiotherapy, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment to ensure the best results from all treatment programs. We’ll work with you at our clinic and if you want to do the same at home, we also sell a variety of products which are specially designed to encourage correct posture and support. They’ll help to alleviate any current problems you have, and will also prevent reoccurrence in the future.

Extended Care

With all our treatment techniques based on proven scientific research and our many years of clinical experience, we guarantee that all our patients will receive the best possible service when they come to Sunnybank Physiotherapy. We’re committed to providing the highest standard of care and our team is constantly updating their skills, as well as following the latest developments within our profession.

Specialised Treatments

With three decades of experience in treating a wide range of problems, at Sunnybank Physiotherapy, we provide specialised services for many conditions and disorders. From whiplash to sport injuries and any type of musculoskeletal problem, we can offer a solution for them all.

Call us today on  07 3345 7429  for more information on our physio clinic!
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